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Buy Unihertz Titan Slim, The New Sleek QWERTY 4G Smartphone Android 11 Unlocked NFC Smart Phone (Support T-Mobile & Verizon only) online at Amazon. Display Size: 4.2 inches, Memory: 6 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Unihertz
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Unihertz Titan Slim, The New Sleek QWERTY 4G Smartphone Android 11 Unlocked NFC Smart Phone (Support T-Mobile & Verizon only) Features

  • US Carrier Support only T-Mobile and Verizon
  • Verizon: please check our forum/facebook or contact customer support about how to set it in Verizon network
Display Size: 4.2 inches, Memory: 6 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Unihertz
The lowest Unihertz Titan Slim, The New Sleek QWERTY 4G Smartphone Android 11 Unlocked NFC Smart Phone (Support T-Mobile & Verizon only) Price in USA is $339.99 at Amazon.
Buy Unihertz Titan Slim, The New Sleek QWERTY 4G Smartphone Android 11 Unlocked NFC Smart Phone (Support T-Mobile & Verizon only) online at Amazon.
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Unihertz Titan Slim, The New Sleek QWERTY 4G Smartphone Android 11 Unlocked NFC Smart Phone (Support T-Mobile & Verizon only) Reviews from YouTube

Unihertz Titan Slim Review: At Least It's Cheap
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Unihertz Titan Slim Smartphone Review - Android Phone with Physical Keyboard!
ATTENTION! The scam-bots are at it again! Folks, I'm *not* running any contests, and I'm certainly not asking anyone to contact me on Telegram. If you see someone commenting on YouTube without my verified check mark (and using terrible grammar to boot), that person is not me. Block and report them! Unfortunately this is all we can do until YouTube rolls out a meaningful fix to this problem. Until then, be skeptical -- and stay mobile.
folks who bought blackberry's or qwerty phones also couldnt care less if it had a camera, gyro's, sensors, infact they'd buy a separate better camera to use for photos! makes me laugh out loud, that every tech influencer will instantly compare the camera to another phone's camera? duh, its a phone, not a camera!!
oh but its not slim enough!!, then these damn phone are 1 micron thick, you'll be saying "shame they didnt make it thicker!" folks who like phones you can actually type on, frankly dont give a damn about how paper thin it is in the same way they dont care about the next 3 month fad in fashion. these are phones for grown ups!
Does anyone know if this phone will be supported in Verizon after Jan 1, 2023?
Blackberry Key2 FE Mini 2022 or Blackberry Key3 FE Mini (mabye if it was made by Blackberry?)
Michael: you mention the Jelly 2 in this video. I noticed that Unihertz are launching a tweaked version of the Jelly 2: would you be able to review it and say how it compares to the original Jelly 2, as I may be interested in buying 1 in the future. Your review of the original Jelly 2 back in 2020 led to me eventually getting 1, which I've loved ever since!
i would rather have cheap plastic than a stupid glass sandwich. also comparing the flip photo quality with a titan...but the phone is not up to snuff.
good review dude! Honestly... i will never buy again unihertz, they really dont care about software at al.. never get an update, never got a security patch.. they just sell the item.
it seems be a terrible copy of BB wtf is this
I just want my LG Cosmos. I don't want a smartphone anymore. I just want something I can easily text with.
Pls, what is the name of the red keyboard phone?
I will only have this as a business phone
“Unforgivably plastic” I wonder where I’ve heard that before… 😂
Why would Blackberry hold onto design patents if they don't intend to make another phone? They should let other companies use their design patents and even license it out to keep their designs in circulation. Or if someone can come up with an updated Android OS for Key2 I would be more than happy to pay for it.
So you should name this phone Titan SLIME?
Between titan slim vs titan pocket which has a better typing experience?
I'm still waiting for my Motorola Droid 5.
I want it
We love BlackBerry only, not Chinese phones.
Спасибо за обзор! Теперь я его не куплю.
Be nice if they used the other sim tray as a SD tray too ;) I do like the dual sim for trips.
Bocsáss meg, de a krva anydat vágod ilyen élvezhetetlenül szét ezt a fs videód
Nah definitely not good enough 😉 #NotaBlackBerrylol #5GBBboldkey3 #brokenYahooIMAPsilence
well I can't get it not 5g that's foolish
I want slider like this!
BlackBerry PRIV was the best phone (and keyboard) I ever had. I guess it was asking too much just to have someone make an updated version of that.
Would've bought this yesterday for $500+ even but no 3.5mm headphone jack has killed it for me... such a shame. Have had my Key One for about 5 years strong but it's failing on me now and I have no options left...
Hello, is it possible to record video in 1080p at 60 fps...? thanks
It also works with the white and blue Sim from US Mobile.
Thank you for your truly informative videos. I purchased the Unihertz Titan Slim to replace my Blackberry Key 2 LE. I ported over BB Launcher because it remains without peer, best-in-class, plus it's offline so who cares about support or updates. Sadly had to leave behind Hub and Privacy Shade. Verizon supports the Titan. Put in your Verizon SIM and it's good to go. Need to play with Internet settings to get it to connect. It is a good high-quality replacement for the LE. Keyboard takes a bit of getting used to with Alt and Shift in different places than BB but muscle memory kicks in quickly enough. Apps run perfectly. Sound quality good, network connectivity good. Everything as good or better than the Key 2. Onward Mobility: Unihertz I'm sure thanks you for the year-long tease, because now, they'll eat your lunch.
I LOVED my key1, but the screen ratio was too wide for most apps, so a slimmer screen is probably better
Possibly a very dumb question but, without a headphone jack does this phone still pick up radio stations without using a headphone as a antenna?
Please any advice/hint on how I can get that BB like digital watch on my homescreen.
No I'll go with either Xiaomi DuoQin F22 Pro or CAT S22 Flip and keep using Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover Case... After running through 2 used Titan O.G. and Pocket within less than a year, I've sworn off Unihertz until I see a better sign of a quality control department. Both dying from Battery Swelling issues, I'm done taking a gamble on them. Sure they'll still be in my radar and maybe on series 2 or 3 I might buy one again, hopefully if quality gets better! As for now I've own pretty much nothing but used secondhand smartphones and these are the only ones that died on me other than a Note 2 from a cracked screen back in the day. So it says something really questionable about their quality if a hardcore outdoor use poweruser has used a bunch other devices from Note's to Stylo's etc and the Unihertz are the only ones that died on me.
This video only show your face 😑
How is the keyboard? Does it have good tactile? Is it similar to one of the Blackberry models?
Honestly looks to me like the fxtec pro1 x might be a better option.
Great intro, seems gimmicky with too many trade offs; I still miss my BB Passport; having to deal with still horrific display keyboards and phones that stop getting security patches after a couple of years has led me to use them as little as possible, they're just not trustworthy devices; the alternative of forking over thousands of bucks to Apple to live in their walled garden is laughably dystopian. The solution doesn't seem that crazy: pay an additional amount for security updates (not even whole hog Android updates) but noooo.
Would like a comparison of the titan and titan slim because the screen and keys between the two are different. Both give more screen ratio than the cramped pocket screen.
Waterproof and big battery were what I was looking for. Also I dislike removing the headphone jack but I guess that isn't a deal breaker. I have the titan and it has been ok for the reasons above. For software updates we need to blame google and samsung for breaking android and selling it as proprietary BS apple like software on phones. Android is made of Linux. There is no reason whatsoever that I shouldn't have daily security updates available to a linux kernel. The big companies are abusing the free software community that makes linux and it is making all of us less secure and introducing problems and vulnerability where there should be none. Unihertz doesn't really have the power to change that, but if they were smarter they would have gone with a more open, easy to update back end. /End of rant
Really wanted to like this phone but it was not going to be. Lasted about a month and moved to a SU22
Unihertz im from latinamerica (CHILE) I have to say that your descriptions are great and i dont not why but your english is the only one that i understed easily. Thanks you very much. in the other hand (I apologize for my poor English), im a little confused. But what phone whit physical keyboard you recommend? SALUDOS CORDIALES.
Шикарно выглядит аппарат!
Why blackberry???? this was the perfect time for the key 3. One day my key 2 will die. No idea what i would do then. It would have to be this phone as it has the keyboard
Got the Titan Slim today. Unfortunately I can't add Microsoft work apps because my employer's security doesn't recognize the Unihertz PKB. Also, I can load the BlackBerry launcher but after the phone sits idle for a few minutes, the launcher changes to the default. To bad, I was excited about using the Titan Slim. For now it will sit idle until something changes with the issues.
Could anyone tell me if this Unihertz will run Diablo Immortal (Free android game) ? As It wont open on a Key 2
How i can order in Pakistan
hopefully my key2 lasts another 5 years atleast
Im on ATT, does this phone not have any of their bands? Or is it going to be an ATT issue using this phone on their network
Looks like you bought it from wish so won't be investing in one
Do you respect it? Is it better than the Key2?
Hopefully they make a flagship qwerty. I'm still holding out. Can't wait to throw my galaxies in the trash. I hate touchscreen keyboards.
I missed physical keyboards on phones, I'm using different "glass phones" since I had "Samsung Omnia" no matter how hard I have tried I will never like that. I'm a human being i like to feel that I'm using something not just swiping my finger over the glass. I think I'm buying one of these soon. Another thing is - I hate charging my phone constantly, and I want to have something that actually works, sometimes I'm on skateboard, sometimes I'm in cold countries sometimes I stay in hot countries where those crappy expensive phones doesn't work. Finally someone thought about doing something better than just copying another shitty glass phone
Just got their Kickstarter link yest!
So I bought it or kickstarted it. I had to do it. I feel the need to fund this company due it's future keyboard dream prospects. Go unihertz and thank you for introducing me to this company! All the best Samantha
More narrow than Key2? I have had number of classic, then Passport (loved it), then Key1, and now Key2 LE....guess Titan sounds better pick for similar fit to Passport then. Thanks for you videos!
Pozdrav iz Srbije, obožavam BlackBerry žao mi je ne prave ga,ali ovaj fon bi mogao da zameni BlackBerry 😭😭
Thanks for a great first impressions vid. Awesome video as always. It’s a shame it’s so thick and those bezels….2007 called they want their bezels back. I actually just bought a sealed Blackberry Classic (Q20) to get my BB fix!
its very disappointing. I mean, if you're going to copy a key form factor....please UPGRADE the specs. I mean, why even bother with this? Unihertz was on the right track, but boy did they miss the mark.
I ❤️ blackberry
Greetings, Lon. Matthew-Harry here. I greatly am considering in getting this phone, but am unsure if my carrier can carry it. I would prefer to use Tello. They have a box on their website where I can put in the IMEI number to see if this phone would be compatible with Tello. I'm wondering what the IMEI number is on this Titan Slim phone. I love your videos! You have a knack for reviewing things in an informative and entertaining way. Keep up the good work, ~Matthew-Harry
I'd pay double for a keyboard redesign and a slimmer version
Hoping they come out for a Titan Slim 2 where the camera and display are just a bit better. Even if it puts cost at closer to 400 dollars id say thats reasonable if the camera quality increases dramatically
Thankfully Unihertz was smart to not over spec the phone and priced it in the budget range. You can't go wrong for 300 bucks and TBH the specs are very respectable.
How did all the YouTubers get this phone for free if it's not even on sale yet?
Wouldn't it make more sense to say that the camera is comparable to cameras on similarly priced phones? It's weird to acknowledge that it doesn't have "flagship" quality when no one should expect it to.
Thanks for the review! Very excited for this phone! Accepting it for what it is, I am not a big Spec guy. I have had BB all the way through my smartphone career BB torch, BB Bold touch screen, Z10, keyone, Key2...until Key2 screen broke 2 years ago now I have Pixel 5, can't stand typing or it's autocorrect(especially since android 12 release) I am excited to support this phone/company in hopes they continue to improve and we get fantastic 5G keyboard phone in a couple years 😀. Will use this as my daily driver and keep Pixel 5 around just in case.
Lon i trust your product reviews more than any other channel but with all due respect framing it as "if you need a keyboard" really misses the point. Everybody, every smart phone needs a keyboard but all phones now use a glass virtual software keyboard and for people who WANT a physical keyboard Unihertz is one of only 3 small companies that give us that option. Now as to why i want a PKB my reasons are: 1. I type faster and with way less errors on my Titan than when I use my wife's iPhone and it is not even a close call. 2. It feels better and is more pleasurable for me. 3. The speed and ease of launching apps and controlling functions from keyboard shortcuts is absent on glass slabs. 4. Nothing is sacrificed by having a keyboard although the constant false paradigm is advanced that if the keyboard wasn't there you would have a bigger screen. Are the people choosing a less than maximum screen size iPhone/Samsung/Pixel making a sacrifice? No, if that were true phone companies would release their phones with only a maximum size screen..... It's a choice you face with ALL phones. Important other points I would make. Unihertz has addressed one of the valid criticisms of their Titan phones, the square screen, with this version which will allow app all apps which are expecting a rectangle display to function more "normally". Also if you buy from this small mainland China company don't expect support, repairs, or parts it's a roll of the dice.
Curious they reversed most of the the alt-activated symbols from the original Titan keyboard, and omitted the wireless charging and micro-sd. But since my Titan is still working with no problems, no need to swap.
Just bought the larger one and learning to work with that wish I had of waited love the Tutan slim but gotta use what I got now.
great review, just sub and i order a kicker starter one
Sigh, pretty much lost interest after 6:27, no reason to not have a headphone jack.
Can't wait for mine to arrive.
Hey, nice review. But can you tell is it possible to hide virtual bezel that is under the virtual keyboard?
I don't understand not including the headphone jack on a smartphone that has a keyboard included. I feel like the demographic that would be interested in this type of phone would also like the ability to plug in their headphones...
If it's Google Driven... NO THx !😌
My fingers are at least twice as big as yours...no way is that keyboard going to work for me. Looks crap/crap keyboard/crap camera/crap video/...hmm...battery life suspect...try a Xiaomi !
Thanks for the review. But seriously, a physical keyboard on a smartphone? In 2022?! It’s like opening a time capsule, lol. Steve killed the keyboard for a reason, real estate and more options/ languages/ symbols for the keyboard. In addition to fast swipe typing and the fact that anything mechanical is another point of failure. I’m looking for digital/ screen keyboards on laptops with Apple’s haptic feedback, that should be the future.
Thank you Unihertz for making some different designs.
It was literally this past Monday that I saw someone who had a phone that looked very similar to this one. The logo was on the back of the phone but I was unable to read because I was a bit far away. It definitely had an actual keyboard, and in the owner's (smaller-side) hand quite well. I was quite interested in their phone due to its small size.

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