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Buy Unlocked Google Pixel 4 - 64GB - Just Black online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.7 inches, Memory: 64.0 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Google
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Unlocked Google Pixel 4 - 64GB - Just Black Features

  • Point and shoot for the perfect photo. Capture brilliant color and control the exposure balance of different parts of your photos
  • Get the shot without the flash. Night Sight is now faster and easier to use it can even take photos of the Milky Way
  • Get more done with your voice. The new Google Assistant is the easiest way to send texts, share photos, and more.
  • A new way to control your phone. Quick Gestures let you skip songs and silence calls – just by waving your hand above the screen.
  • End the robocalls. With Call Screen, the Google Assistant helps you proactively filter our spam before your phone ever rings.
Display Size: 5.7 inches, Memory: 64.0 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Google
The lowest Unlocked Google Pixel 4 - 64GB - Just Black Price in USA is $123.95 at Amazon.
Buy Unlocked Google Pixel 4 - 64GB - Just Black online at Amazon.
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well I guess you wil have to get use to not having a fingerprint sensor, becaue a lot of the latest phones do not have them, including the Iphone. I don't miss it, fi it ihs a good face unlock
Where i can find the intro music?? Please someone tell me 😭😭😭😭😭
The pixel 4 XL is a great 👍
The pixel 4 xl is a great phone. Marques Brownlee owes this phone an apology
I am trying Google keyboard it's fantastic
This thing is fantastic
I wish the 7 still had the color pop power button. I really don't know why they would get rid of that.
Now I was thinking about this phone and I buy this phone now ? Your discussion place reply
Literally him: 😒”i don’t like foreheads” But i love the iphone notch😍
Words can't describe how shitty this phone is.
I wonder how many people used their s.o's face to unlock the phone while sleeping lmao security breach
In 2022 I just bought the phone for $220 in this price bracket and for the best Android experience I think this phone is perfect. If someone just wants the basic and cleanest android experience and In a budget don't go the xiaomi crap with all the bloatware go for this. This is my personal opinion.
I love pixel device it's really having a good camera smart phone 🙂🥰📱
Wait wait I’ve never heard this dude say he misses the fingerprint reader on the iPhones at all never now he misses it this guy ppl see right through this dude
Watched on my Motorola Edge S 💚☝️💓✝️🇵🇸🇹🇴
So basically the Pixel 3xl was better.
I just bought one for $140. Yeah, it's a great deal now!
I am truly disappointed my little sister loves his vid and she is just 6 but I just saw him say shit 😖😖 marques fix this bad language!
Should we buy this phone in 2022 ?
2022: time to buy the refurbished one. 🎈
0:36-0:43 "lets say you have the best Iphone, let's say... the google pixel 6 pro.
0:19-0:25 huh?
Are you seriously calling smartphones "iPhone"?
Realme 9 or pixel 4 ?
giveaways sir
I have a pixel 4 as my main phone, good experience
You iPhone a lot lol
Still using it till today along with my 13 pro..awesome phone.face id works great.looking forward to pixel 7
I actually think Covid in 2019 had something to do with design let down. I just got a new 4 for 131.00 but still feel kinda jipped because of the battery.
Honest review here from someone who had a pixel 4 for a week:NOT WORTH IT. Overpriced a f still to this day and for a phone with many issues.Even tho the camera should be the main attraction ,it struggles at the slightest bit of dark and gets fuzzy really fast.You can try using the night mode but you have to wait 20 sec and hold still for a not that great photo anyway.Also not to mention that compared to today market mid range samsungs for example, it does not offer sharp details when zooming photos.Also it overheats as crazy even with no ussage .If you consider to get a pixel 4 in 2022 ,consider that you have many other better options for a lower price.Samsung really leveled up his mid range phones.If you still are drooling for a pixel tho wait till pixel 5 gets cheaper because that one really seems to be worth it.
a phone is not an iPhone
Realme 8 Pro (8Gb) or Pixel 4?
I dont use ultrawide on my current phone
Do you think I need a phone case? Just got one to replace my work phone
Lol he keeps saying iPhone
Got this phone for my grandma. She’s going to be the talk of the bingo night.
I still have my pixel 4 and love it! It's my secondary phone to my pixel 6. The only thing I hated about the pixel 4 is the battery life Definitely an underrated phone. I love that it has face unlock
0:19 "I think the Pixel 4a was a very good iPhone" lol what bro? 🤣
Great phone ,trash battery
Too long, this should be condensed to 3 mins

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