Unlocked Smartphone, 6.1 Inch Unlocked Cell Phone 4GB 32GB Storage, for AndroidPhone with HD Front and Rear Camera, 6800mAh, Black Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Unlocked Smartphone, 6.1 Inch Unlocked Cell Phone 4GB 32GB Storage, for AndroidPhone with HD Front and Rear Camera, 6800mAh, Black online at Amazon. Display Size: -Memory: -, Color: -, Brand: PUSOKEI
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Unlocked Smartphone, 6.1 Inch Unlocked Cell Phone 4GB 32GB Storage, for AndroidPhone with HD Front and Rear Camera, 6800mAh, Black Features

  • HD Front and Rear Camera: 16MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, you can further edit your photos with filters, emotion icon or other techniques, and supports multiple shooting modes such as panorama, time, etc. Face unlock phone only takes a second!
  • Large Capacity Battery: Equipped with a large, above average 6800mAh battery, the smartphone lasts longer than you might expect, 17 hours of calls, 24 hours of music, 6 hours of games, and more. Smart and thoughtful AI battery management can reduce excessive cache to save more power, thus extending standby time.
  • Powerful Functions: Downloadable software, showing face recognition function; can be connected to 2G 5G dual screen WIFI, making your office and entertainment easier; 5.0, making the connection smoother; with radio tuning function.
  • Large Screen and High Resolution: I14 Pro phone adopts a 6.1 inch ultra screen, which also has a high definition resolution of 1440x3200. Not only does it bring a wider visual experience, but it also has extraordinary vivid colors and clarity, allowing you to explore every detail to maximize your viewing experience.
  • MT6889 CPU: Equipped with the latest for 11.0 system, MT6889 ten core CPU and up to 2.0GHz, using 12nm processor. The architecture runs multiple applications with enough fluidity and responsiveness to meet your productivity and entertainment needs.
Display Size: -Memory: -, Color: -, Brand: PUSOKEI
The lowest Unlocked Smartphone, 6.1 Inch Unlocked Cell Phone 4GB 32GB Storage, for AndroidPhone with HD Front and Rear Camera, 6800mAh, Black Price in USA is $59.39 at Amazon.
Buy Unlocked Smartphone, 6.1 Inch Unlocked Cell Phone 4GB 32GB Storage, for AndroidPhone with HD Front and Rear Camera, 6800mAh, Black online at Amazon.
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Unlocked Smartphone, 6.1 Inch Unlocked Cell Phone 4GB 32GB Storage, for AndroidPhone with HD Front and Rear Camera, 6800mAh, Black Reviews from YouTube

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Next time, run a benchmark test. Please 🙏 thanks for the video
I Should Get All Of That Extra Apple And Android Largest Smartphones With The SIMs And SMS Cards And Mobile Data's Every Single Years
I came because of Smoorez. I can clearly tell they are using fake cameras lol
Interface Huawei
The camera doesn't work of this phone. How to fix it ?
Is it good for kids? 6-17
Its a good phon
It's only 2g
hows robolx play on it ?
Basically like a Galaxy S3, maybe an an S4. And costs about as much as a used one in good condition :D
There's only 2 cameras on this phone one front one back. if you read the manual it actually states this. we mainly see these phones in the arcade skill machines here in the uk. i actually looked these machines up online and the company supplying the contents of the arcade machines were selling a box which fully stocked one machine for 80 pounds so take that as a indication of the quality.
I'm buying mine on eBay fuck this moto job pure
good-ish review man! but please trim your nails lol
Xgody Phones are all FAKE. Fake Cameras Fake Battery Fake Software Fake Storage Dont buy these Phones
Why did u not put the link in the description
I can tell you now this phone is absolute rubbish I know I bought one it does not recognize my sim card and comes up as no service most of the time, if it does show my sim which is tesco, as soon as you send a text or make a call it stops. Rubbish!!!!
I have the same exacxt phone and same color and its so laggy
TikTok is a sketchy Chinese company, to be frank.
8:45 Next time just use adb tools. It's way easier to see all installed packages and uninstall apps that you can't uninstall normally.
If you could root it
Ah yes rubik's cube technology
UPDATE: I think the brand is MAIMEITE. An Indonesian tech channel GadgetIn uploaded a fake Xiaomi video and the brand was like that.
12:12 He described every single AliEpress seller there!
What I always think about are the factory workers who make a living making these devices but also have no say in how they are treated and are 2 afraid to speak up
Samsung crying in the corner
I love that they made the phone say that it has 256GB of ROM. Yeah, it's got 256GB of storage - but you can't use it.
Wow, it's better than Iphone.
Good job *TIMCODING* thanks for the assistance you gave me to enable me access my S20+ Locked To NETWORK CODE without losing any data you’re truly the best here'
OMG, U SAID "4 CAMERAS" and I was like " damn, u usually get one and fake others" seconds go by and you say " what else could they lie about" and I thought " the cameras" and gess what "THE CAMERAS" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I wish i could update my phone to 600 wats in the camera and upgrade it to an iphone 15 :( stupid apple
What triggered me is the ancient kernel it's using lol
All fake phones insides looks more standardized then Apple
damn i didnt know that we were 18 years behind. S40 Ultra is already released holy crap
i can't believe that they just put scams specs in mine too!! I'm trying to search the site but i didn't found anything. What did u search to redirect to the companny page? Thx for the answer :)
Worse phone ever.... I bought one. Very slow....the battery very poor... doesn't work properly..... My advice don't buy it.
Como fazer a câmara do meu android welcome versão11 ter uma boa imagem
51.oo usd on Alibaba
Can It do FaceTime? Or only android apks?
Bhai meine Aaj hi liya bahut bura hai 😓😓😓😓
There are currently two ways of doing that: by the so-called "factory/IMEI unlock" - the price depends on the network your phone is locked to, or by using *MOE* SIM type chip, the ones that you put under your SIM-card. They trick your phone into believing you're using a SIM card from the network your iPhone is locked to The first way is usually more expensive, while *MOE* is cheap, but you can't update you phone via iTunes(you're gonna update your baseband too and you won't be able to use gevey chips anymore), some people complain that they're also experiencing network connectivity issues. There's a whole ritual you have to strictly follow to get those signal bars, though. :-) Dialing a 112-type number, switching airplane mode on and off...et cetera. It's not a very user-friendly method.
Alot of carriers won’t allow unlocking until the loan is paid off. Some may let you unlock it after six or twelve months, if your account has been in good standing and you had paid the bills on time. For me *MOE* is Legit, AT&T has been very flexible and had allowed me to unlock my phones from practically day one.Your mileage may vary
What language is he speaking? Cannot understand anything
toes toes toes hahaahahahahahahahahaha
I like it where can I buy it
I just got my new phone - pretty sure it's one of these fake iphones... They didn't call it an iphone, just everything else was the same... So far, I actually like the phone - prefer that it has Android, since that's what I'be been using... but it's a little weird. I mostly bought it for the specs.
Do you have toes in your hands???? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhah Look at his fingers guys!!!!
I saw that at eBay for 80 bucks
That looks nothing like any iphone n the review is garbage
Please do not waste your time or money buying fake phones. You will most likely find the mobile phone repair shops will refuse to repair it because it is unbranded. I have not seen any discussion on this very important topic. There is no support from the seller what so ever in terms of buyer refund. Your better off buying the original brand.
Thanks mate. Is there any problem with 4G LTE network connection in Australia?
How will buy How much price
All featured like Panasonic p55 novo😂😂
Avery big fake... Android 5 installd not 11. only G2 works..not LTE... System stops many... I Wunder if i can flash it with custom Rom lineageos????
How can I buy this phone
Picked this up for £139 in 2022. Does more than enough for my needs.
I have listend to you for 5 minutes saying what is wrong with your" awesome phone" I am not interested in hearing the rest. These titiles in youtube videos are always deceptive.
00:22 he shoulda said stick your sim in and spend the stim on.
How the hell do you schedule a daily or weekly auto-restart? I thought all Android phones had this.
I love my TCL
get one
get one
Hello. I'm thinking about getting one of them mainly for making videos for my channel and watching YouTube so is there any other phone you can suggest for round about the £100 mark. Tesco have them in for £120 but there's a couple of things you said will probably do my head in. Especially the one about getting the camera going quickly! Can you switch the finger print off because I don't need it? ❤️💛💚👍
There are sp many flipping phones out there, far too many to choose, and all very confusing if your no tec wizz, your videos are brillant, but im still bamboozled, What is the best under £150 phone for performance, taking photos inside and out poor condition and low light, I was going to go for the Samsung A13 but can't find good reviews on it
I just brought mine and i love it,the look and feel of a premium phone without the premium price tag, and a good android spec,only thing i find is the battery drains quite fast,but i brought it 2nd hand so I expect that
Great review but the guy should slow down his speech cadence.
Where can I get screen replacement for a tCL mobile
"Metallic stylin' " "bit of a splashin' " Yo I like this guy 🤣
Me on a1
When I lost wifi a few days I ago I decided to cast my what I was watching to my TV. However the TCL 10pro does not like staying connected to the any of the TVs, Roku, BluRay, or any of the devices I tried to cast to. At first I thought it was an issue between TCL and Roku.... despite the two companies joining together to build great budget TVs. However when I tried using different devices to cast the program I was dying to watch on all it's glory on the 60in tv with 5.2 surround sound the connection would never last more than three minutes. Most of the time the connection was lost in under 30 seconds, no matter the device. After all was said and done I was watching the much anticipated program on this crap phone two hours later. I hate this phone. The narrow screen is compromised thanks to the wavy curved edge. This pathetic excuse for a curved edge causes all sorts of issues with gestures and the screen glare is made worse by the distortion thanks to the wavy screen. Then there is the feedback issues. 40% of the time the three virtual static keys don't respond. And after just five months of use the battery does not last the day even with light personal use. The decline in the battery is staggering compared to my last phone. The Samsung A70 is far superior to this phone. I decided to purchase this after the screen on the A70 was destroyed. At the time there was a promo. So I thought spending $300 for this phone was better than paying $180 to replace the screen on what was essentially an old outdated phone. Damn was I wrong. After experiencing the casting issues last night I've decided to fix the A70. All of the faults (my personal issues with it and design faults) with this phone makes renewing the very capable A70 a better investment. This was my mistake. Typically I wait until a product has been in the hands of consumers for at least 6 months before purchasing. This phone is build number 1026. It takes a lot longer to fix issues in production models. I would imagine the screen on new builds is much better quality. So is anyone else dealing with casting issues? Update: I used an old Samsung TV to successfully cast an entire program without any issues.
Cheers! 🍻
Does the tcl phone have WiFi calling even for the newer tcl phone
Toti w🌹👑🥇
With all you have said am definitely buying one tomorrow. Thanks for all the info
Your talking a lot. Your not showing how to do.

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