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Buy Verizon Prepaid Cell Phone LG Optimus Exceed 3G Android 4" screen online at Amazon. Display Size: 4 inches, Memory: 8.0 GB, Color: black, Brand: LG
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Verizon Prepaid Cell Phone LG Optimus Exceed 3G Android 4" screen Features

  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box
Display Size: 4 inches, Memory: 8.0 GB, Color: black, Brand: LG
The lowest Verizon Prepaid Cell Phone LG Optimus Exceed 3G Android 4" screen Price in USA is $149.99 at Amazon.
Buy Verizon Prepaid Cell Phone LG Optimus Exceed 3G Android 4" screen online at Amazon.
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Verizon Prepaid Cell Phone LG Optimus Exceed 3G Android 4" screen Reviews from YouTube

LG Optimus Exceed(Verizon) Review
Skipping and Bypassing Android Activation - LG Optimus Exceed 2 No Contract Cell Phone WiFi Only
LG Optimus Exceed 2 Prepaid BEST CAMERA PHONE
"New" LG Optimus Exceed 2 Review(Verizon)
my 2 year old has this phone it's indestructible trust me she took it in the bathtub and still works
how to insert the sim card?
I'm so dumb. I just bought a glass screen protector for this phone, when I have the lg Optimus exceed 2. Do you think it will still fit?
You should buy a camera mount.
I had to buy this after my HTC one died. I'm sad
Can I email u direct or call I'm having a hell of a time
I have this phone and having problems saving stuff to my sd card is there some way that your sd card could have got changed to read only. and if that happens can and how do u switch it back to b able to read and write
Actually I changed pincode after that am entering new pincode but it doesn't accept it, I have try so many time as well as am trying with old pincode also but its showing error..... How can I change my pincode???????? pls suggest!
I bought this phone. It is a really nice phone with good quality. I have great resolution. I purchased it two days ago even though they said 4G would be release July 17th. It has great quality.  I really like it.
Have this on Verizon prepaid. Bought 8 months ago. Thinking of going with a motorola moto g, which is faster than this. My optimus is slow. I will miss the micro sd card slot as moto g doesn't have it.
does it have 3 way/conference calls enabled?
What if there is only a back button and no home button to push?
Will this work for stylo 6 phone?
Do you have to be near a WiFi connection to use it like this?
But how do you bypass the Google bullshit?? I want to use it as a Wi-Fi device and music player without having to go through Gmail. It won't let me get past the Gmail part.
It doesn’t work
I don't own an Lg phone but great video. U now have 1 more sub and a like
Dam no home or back buttons
I like the music at the end, it was totally unexpected. Thanks for the info BTW.
I did pres them but dint did anything😥
TY! I had one of these for a while without service, and my dumb ass factory reset it. Now I can use my phone.
thank you so much
thank you
I tried it but its not working with my bypass LG-VS415BPP S/N: 408CYHE0104393
how about an lg rebel that has no external back or home button? any way to do it on that type of phone?
thanks !!!!!!
How can we do it for LG V20?
what do i do if my back button doesnt work :/
Huge Help thanks so much
nick mcgee
I have that phone, lol
can this phone screen mirror. looking for something to mirror to my sony bluray player
Q - Is it hotspot capable?
I just got it today I order it on Amazon! I am excited!
lmao that shit 15$ now
Just got mine yesterday off amazon for 19.99
$19.00 online yesss!
Just bought it to use as an ipod for $16.Wahoo.
I got my for 52$
You can get this at Best Buy for 39.99 without headset. This is fine for kids, but for a serious cell phone, THIS IS NOT IT!!! This phone has a small weak processor and can't streamline HD video on Amazon or Netflix.It can be used as a wifi hotspot, and that makes it worth the 39.99. I dropped mine from only a foot, and the camera flash stopped working. This does not take good quality pics either. It has rear facing camera only. This cell phone is cheap cheap cheap.
I had been a prepaid customer for about 8-9 years with them (in the wireless department) and always for home and internet. I have been using a Pantech Verizon phone from the stone ages for 4 years. Finally my husband offered to get me a smart phone for my birthday of my choosing. Because I didn't want to go to expensive on him I found this bargain on line. (also for the 79.99.) But I got even better news when we called to order. Even though I wasn't a contract and was in fact prepaid. Verizon still gave me the phone free!! All my husband had to do was pay the initial months 45.00 plan like yours...The phone was ordered tonight and I am expecting it by Friday! I am so excited. It seems like a really good bargain. And I was surprised that the option of free upgraded phones was available to prepaid customers! I thought that was only a contract perk!
isnt this phone 40 dollars now? 
Nicely done review, I appreciate the info!
45$ per month and only 500MB data? Thats a ripoff. I mean its great with unl. Talk and text but only 500MB data? Thats only good for loading we pages or something.
I love your phone reviews 😊
That is a great deal, kudos to you!
That is wonderful! One day I hope I can get a cell phone too! Great share! 
That was a fantastic deal
My very first Android phone I got back in 2014. Sadly,from 2013 to 2014,I was still using a flip phone. Then I got a job with UPS as a seasonal driver helper and I bought a phone like this. Yes,the phone sucked with no selfie cam. But I was happy to finally be apart of the android family.
Want to know what's funny this phone looks like an lg optimus zone 2 on the front but bigger
I bought this phone several years ago based on your review, and safe to say it was a great phone for the price! I'm pretty late with this comment haha
I know im late sorry, but i found my old phone earlier and it seems to not charge or turn on. Anything i can do to get it on?
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My girlfriend got this phone from a gas station for free and only had to pay for the service she got the $50 plan.
how dose that phone do to a lg op 190??
Hi, long story short i messed up my phone and does anyone know what version of google play store, play service and play game etc is for this phone?
Same phone as the LG L70. Just cheaper.
I just got one and it is very smooth..
dose it have front camera
Cheers for the review mate. Saw this on sale for 15 buck and I visit here right away to watch a real review but I'm more impress by your charming and soothing voice instead.
I got it for $12 on amazon. I want to use it as a phone on wifi only. I was wondering how I can hook up the Google Voice/Voip system on this to make calls etc? Any help please?
11.99 shipped on amazon, i just bought it for a media device lol
dang your thumb nail is nearly gone out.
feel like fake
cv tech reviews after you load the card can you call long distance?
Does this have a front and back camera?
but is HTC the best Phone out there for all Carriers
What benchmark test or did you use? It looks nice

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