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Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Smartphone online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.67 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Interstellar Grey, Brand: Xiaomi
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Smartphone Features

  • 6.67” FHD+ DotDisplay 2340x1080 FHD+ - Corning Gorilla Glass 5 front and TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification - Splash-proof nano coating
  • 128GB + 6GB RAM - Snapdragon 720G High-performance octa-core processor - 5020mAh Ultra high capacity battery - 2.4G Wi-Fi
  • Rear Main Camera: 64MP AI Quad camera, 8MP ultra wide-angle camera, 5MP Macro camera, 2MP depth camera - Front Camera: 16MP in-display
  • LTE: B1/3/7/8/20/28/38/40 > (ensure to check compatibility with your carrier before purchase)
  • International Model - No Warranty in US. Compatible with Most GSM Carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, MetroPCS, etc. Will NOT work with CDMA Carriers Such as Verizon, Sprint, Boost. - FCC ID: 2AFZZJ6B2G
Display Size: 6.67 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Interstellar Grey, Brand: Xiaomi
The lowest Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Smartphone Price in USA is $220.50 at Amazon.
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Redmi Note 9 Pro Review | Xiaomi's Killer Budget Smartphone for 2020
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giveaways 😊
Cheap Chinese garbage! You can't even cast or connect to your tv.Awful product.Even my 6 years old Lenovo can easily connect to tv
You are a good reviewer keep your work like this. I subscribed to you. 👍
If they ever get a restock, is this worth buying for £129 in 2022?
Had mine for a few months now and love it. But the Mrs can't get on with the Mui software and camera spec, and wants to go back to the Samsung brand. Does anyone have any suggestions to improve the camera experience, or is it still gonna get slayed by the Samsung no matter what?
Xiaomi model are very bad in sound quality!!!! Be aware before buying!!!
the captions messed up every word possible 💀
This phone sucks an absolute bag of dicks... Every now and then at a time and month of its choosing it will become totally unstable and reboot every few minutes completely spontaneously. It will throw up various google devices has shut down unexpectedly errors... Recently after years of temperamental use and some months of stability, it started to become unstable once again, and last night it wanted to update to MIUI 12 whatever the hell that is, it took several tries to download the patch as it was frantically hurling google errors at me whilst doing so, but on the final attempt it did download then attempt to update itself, after it reached 100% it proceeded to enter a totally unrecoverable reboot loop of death... There is no way to recover from this, yes you can try holding down buttons and doing a data wipe, doing a fast boot, or even connecting to miui recovery suite none of which work.. ITS TOTALLY BRICKED! never buy from this inexperienced company that cannot properly design reliable smartphones... its all one big scam. Good camera though.
Love the video, found one for 134,00 euro's, that's a good deal and i bought it and still loving it in 2021! Thanx for the review.:-)
Sir would you recommend this phone (still selling here for 200 euros) versus the Note 10 5G, which would be 150 euros in my case if I decide to get it.
What a great review, thank you for taking the time and helping those of us budget smartphone shopping make our minds up
Good hardware, but MIUI is just too heavy a skin and the aggressive ram and battery saving management is annoying. The settings menu is also convoluted and confusing. I will stick with Samsung and the smooth One UI
I have axiomi redmi 10, and having all sort of problems with word and PDF files. Compare to my old Huawei p20 seems like I went backward.
Shit itself under one year warranty period, doesn't boot anymore :-( Poor man pays twice, better to buy Galaxy instead
I bought this phone 1 year ago. Best phone i every used and I had Samsung flag ship. More 2 years i will buy the next Xiaomi phone that will be 1/4 the price of Samsung
great review! I just bought one of the offical site for 119.99 in the flash sale
I actually purchased this phone a year ago because of this video.. still own my note 9 to this day.. it's honestly still an amazing phone you should do a follow up on it
I am going to see if I could get one
Why is there no app store? I have a Redmi 5 and I have Google Play no problem...
I bought a Redmi Note 9 Pro. I had previously a Huawei and believe me this Redmi is so difficult and much worse than Huawei. So difficult to handle application or to open. Dont buy this crap Redmi.
Hey chaps - what do you think of the Note 9 Pro? 👉 CORRECTION: You can enable gestures (settings -> additional settings -> Fullscreen display). For some reason I missed that and it didn't show up under search. 🙂
PewDiePie: “Gordon Ramsey Vs Fake Italian” has
Hi waliper link download plz🙏
I've just bought one, even here 2 years or so after it came out, I am happy about it. The battery and on screen time is huge! Love it, and the quality of screen is pretty good. Mind you I just came from the good old Samsung j6 to this.
Peace,sounds good peace!
Yes I will
Does it do auto call recording if needed (of all calls), and if yes then does it voice announce that the call is recording to the other person ?
Cheap Chinese garbage! You can't even cast or connect to your tv.Awful product.Even my 6 years old Lenovo can easily connect to tv
Hi waliper red note 9 pro Is download plez
Not good phone, i don't recommend it to anyone. Can't hear phone calls without headphones plugged in but people hear me. This is second time i have this problem, first time i solved it but now can't seem to find solution. And as far as i can see on forums, a lot of people have same problem... Buy something else, not worth your money. Phones whole point is to be able to call someone and hear them.
I'm not wanting to spend more than $250 on a smartphone. If the phone is lost or stolen I'm not suffering a major loss. I just need something decent for ridesharing but not really worth stealing.
Xiaomi cares about poor people and wants to give them the best budget devices but apple and samsung doesnt give a fuck!
just slap gcam on this phone and u get flagship photo quality.
"All my opinions are 100 percent my own" wow all my fingers are 100 percent my own
Beautiful camera, but too expensive for me.
My older sister has broke three phones... I'm afraid she might break mine too
My Poco F1 screen cracked so I was thinking about buying new Mi 11i. Today I got offered Note 9 Pro for 100 € and now I'm typing from it 😄
After a year it started freaking out.i have a window that shows up during games movies everything no one has helped
i forgetting my password and i like you help me
Is the Redmi note 9 pro available in the United States?
My friend offered me iPhone and I said, please keep it with you, I don't like iPhone. Lack of feature, battery life etc always kept me AWAY from iPhone and made me love Xiaomi. Not all Chinese products are cheap. Some are way better than famous brand. My last phone Redmi Note 4 was good ran 5+ years with Rs. 500 repair cost. I badly wanted the Ok Google feature which should work even when screen is off/locked so purchased this new legend Redmi Note 9 Pro Max. Pros and Cons of Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (8GB RAM + 128 GB Internal storage): Pros: 1. No complaints for Ads. User need to set phone properly to not receive ads. Also once can use adblocker like Adaway/Blockada. 2. Presence of PHYSICAL proximity sensor (No random screen ON during calls or in lying position). In later models like Note 10, 11 and many Samsung and other brands, there is no Physical proximity sensor but virtual which causes screen On Off and heating issues. 3. Long battery life (2 days normal usage). This 5000 mAH is better than Samsung 6000 mAH. 4. Camera and specifications beating 30K+ Samsung and OnePlus phones. 5. Fast Charging time from 0% to 100% (While phone is OFF) in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Power of 33 watts charger. 6. Can remove some system apps by app called 'Redmi System Manager'. 7. Can hide notch from settings. I hate notch. 8. So many features (customization) 9. Easy to root. 10. Google Assistant and Alexa works when Screen is off (also if phone is locked). Performing easy tasks without touching your phone like 'Ok Google, what is meaning of xyz word’ or ‘Ok Google, set a 15 minutes timer'. 11. Convenient gesture and scrolling effect for screenshot. 12. Customizable action for menu, home and back buttons (single, double and long tap actions). 13. Built in Screen Recorder, Call. recorder. No other brand offers such convenience. Cons: 1. There are 4 cameras. 2-3 should have been decent. 2. Big size phone. 5 Inches should have been fine. 3. Fingerprint sensor location is side mounted on power button and gets pressed accidentally. Backside would have been better.
Been using it for 1½ years. Came here to write a review for anyone looking to get it now. I loved it at first. The camera is good, the battery is good, the speakers are great, the tiny notification light is a blessing. But the experience has been horrible. Can't get around the MIUI themes app to set a custom notification tone for contacts on WhatsApp. Similarly lot of bugs with MIUI. With the latest update, I'm not getting network now. Sometimes calls don't even come or go. I've to use my old iPhone 5S to make calls. It's a pain. Definitely go for Google Pixel, or Samsung phones. Don't ever think of taking a Chinese MIUI stuff ever again!
Cheap Chinese garbage! You can't even cast or connect to your tv.Awful product.Even my 6 years old Lenovo can easily connect to tv
Do they have miui or Google dialer??
Can I choose to unlock it without fingerprint, but with a combination?
Redmi Note 9 Pro's My Music is not on display so please tell me the setting rules
Awesome Powerwolf t-shirt!
😆 I'm cracking up because I was doing something as you were describing the camera and when I looked back at the screen, I see this guy with a huge silver bow on his head. It's duct work and vents lmbo!
Hmmm, now I see that the photos are from Sofia, Bulgaria. Are you located there? :O
Best phone
What does NFC support do??? What is it's importance and how do you use it???
Did you take the photos from the Net or are you based in Sofia, Bulgaria for real?
Are these phones compatible with Android apps? I've been considering a dual sim cell however the last one I had was 14 years ago and all phones were pretty limited at that time.
Good phone. Just wish they don't use note for naming it since it does not come with a stylus.
gsm arena most accurate reviewer
All my life I don't think i have used any phone as annoying as Redmi note 9 Pro..The performance is really low and it sucks.. I have been trying my best to make sure I am comfortable with the glitches and app failures.. Now the worse problem is the fact that my contact aren't saved to my phone anymore.. Which makes it difficult for me to identify my friends and family.. This started two weeks ago and I took the pain of wiping the phone, hoping everything will be back and fine... Yes it worked at first. But i just woke up to find out that it has gone back to the way it was.. My contact just unsaved it self.. I don't have names on most of my contact.. How can I fix this..
Do you think 64MP Camera and 30W faster charging is enough to buy the Redmi Note 9 Pro over the Note 9s?
Where can I get this device cheap please
Is 8gb Ram available?
Pls dash me
Chief what's your IG handle?
How much does this phone cost now
My fellow Nigerian YouTuber, Make I like the video and share
If you're buying this phone because of battery, please don't
6:27 u did not walk long enough for us to see the stabilzationnns!
Suddenly got chance to see your reviews.. Very clear and good points 👌👌👌👍👍
I think the Note 9pro also supports NFC, right? That's missing in the Note 9s
What is the name of the theme track
between this and the samsung a51, which would you recommend??
Clear, right to the point.... Subscribed. Greeting from Scotland
Nice review and comparison Izzi! 👏 What's your take between Redmi note9pro and iPhone 7/+?
i have this phone for a while and it has shadowing around the notch, top and bottom too. It's not bothering, however, im wondering if it will affect the phone in the long run. no questions for its performance and camera quality.
I return to YouTube after 2 days and meet this Awesome!! The only thing I care about is the 30W fast charging
Can it you try the water aspect of the phone,whether its water proof
Tecno and infinix are about to lose market dominance. Redmi rocks the mid-range phone level

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