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Buy Xperia 1 III online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 256 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Sony
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Xperia 1 III Features

  • World’s first smartphone with 120Hz 6.5” 4K HDR OLED display.Form_factor : Slate.Aspect ratio:21:9.Display resolution maximum:1644 x 3840 pixels
  • World´s first smartphone with variable tele lens and Dual PD sensor
  • World’s first smartphone with 360 Reality Audio through its speakers
  • Triple camera with four focal lengths and Real-time AF tracking
  • Win with Game Enhancer’s custom display, audio and mic settings
  • Evolved Full-stage front facing stereo speakers – 40% louder
  • 360 Spatial Sound up-mixes stereo music into immersive experiences
  • Use as high-quality external monitor and live stream from your camera
  • IP65/68 water resistance and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus display
  • 5G connectivity and speed; Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G Mobile Platform
Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 256 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Sony
The lowest Xperia 1 III Price in USA is $798.00 at Amazon.
Buy Xperia 1 III online at Amazon.
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Xperia 1 III Reviews from YouTube

Sony Xperia 1 III: The Ultimate Enthusiast Phone!
Sony Xperia 1 III review
Sony Xperia 1 III Review | Best Niche Smartphone of 2021?
This Phone is Everything I've Wanted - Sony Xperia 1 III
Sony is frankly just built different
Damn, near, like a high end Samsung (minus the expandable storage),especially with the screen size adjustments. Think I'll buy it, great review. Funny how you mentioned Samsung while I was typing this.
I've always gone Sony for my phone's and have been impressed with every one I've owned. Not gonna stop unless Sony stop
I am watching this review on the same phone, a beautiful phone and very light
How do screenshot with the phone
The sound quality of the Sony series is just as normal as any high quality 20khz, 320kbps mp3 should sound like on platforms like spotify or soundcloud, nothing enthusiastic about it. People have been getting ripped of completely with cheap shit audio from Apple products, among other overpriced garbage smart phones.. sounding worse then the worst 128kbps youtube rips that they dont even know what Real music should sound like anymore... That you get a semi profesionall camera built in together with a display that match modern day standards is just a bonus.
Sony phones aren't advertised because they are just simply best. I dropped my Xperia xz premium 25 times. Nothing happened.
I am using Xperia xz premium 4k phone. Still extra good. But i love fingerprint on power button. So. Comfy. Never need to unlock feel. Reads fingerprint. And unlocks.
Make a 4:3 phone cowards!
Came from that podcast about LED light which I loooove woo classic clean design side fingerprint no screen cutout worth checking but no oneUI it may be difficult for me
I am the enthusiast.
People say Xperia phones are bad when compared to iPhone and Samsung. But I don't care, those phones deserve a place. Amazing device watching Netflix just got better.
Sony needs to partner with carriers more. Sony phones are incredible, but they are so hard to buy because the financial options are so limited.
Battery. No thanks.
this phone is everything ive notch,expandable storage, 4k screen, easy to hold. really good camera
doug de mouro reference👌
just ordered the purple one based off your recc. cheers dawg.
Change 120hz to 60hz and the battery will be perfect
Indeed, this is a god damn smartphone. gotta by this any day now
pixel 6 front glass shattered in google fashion, and i just put in an order for this phone; am very excited
Oje- das war ein voller Griff ins Klo. Für normale Alltagsfotoschützen- völlig unbrauchbar. Tausende komplizierte Einstellungen- und dann noch vermatschte Farben. Menüeinstellungen- ebenfalls der Horror. Das können die doch bei Sony net ernst meinen...(???)😨😨😢🙀 Eben eingetütet- geht morgen zurück. Da ist je mein altes XZ Premium besser!🙀😿 Und die 2 ollen Samsungs sowieso.
Salute to sony for not following the stupidity of Apple by removing basic posts esp 3.5 jack and sd card
I bought 2 phones. Sony Xperia 1 iii & Motorola Edge 30. Guess what. Moto Edge 30 has a better camera than Sony Xperia 1 iii.
What's the experience of using this phone for a year????
Lol what a hipster phone
I got a Sony Xperia 1 Mark III ROM 512 in Thailand. Everything Pro
Actually, the screen support 120fps and 4k at the same time , just not in all apps, however the fps can be locked at 120fps and the resolution will automatically follow the maximum app resolution 😁
It's now official! ´ The new Xperia's will be revealed May 11th!
this is a great video but i have to say i am in (positive) awe of the first selfie guy's griNace.. grimace grin... his photos look like he's just decided life's a POS the moment before depressing the button... awesome. I've got this phone incoming and i'm super excited about it. costs way too much but i was willing to go for a monthly payment plan and just get myself some good sony tech... my pixel 4a 5g phone kept taking freaking massive photos and videos despite my trying to tone down the resolution etc, in the past my xperia took more weildy photos, so i'm excited to get this one.. i don't game on my phone, so don't care about that stuff, i just want something that won't flag over the next year or two when i'll get my next one.
3.5mm jack and expandable storage is praiseworthy. But to be honest sammy's galaxy s21 fe is way better value than this one.
Does it have a dedicated ESS Sabre DAC like what's on the LG V60 ?
1500$ phone with less then 400 nits of brightness with the Manuel slider, that's terrible
How much mony
8:30 the main cam has optical stabilization
if you're in sweden, there's deals where they bundle in the WH-1000XM3 headphones for free 👍
for god sake change the UI already sony, its like from year 2013 seriously and somehow you fckin up on the speakers for years actually amazes me coming from the audio experts. Something is really wrong with sony.
You get 4k and 120hz in apps that support it. With a monitoring app you can easily find out which apps support that
Excellent review! I didn't realize it was only 345 Nits. That needs to almost double on the MK4. The slower battery charge speeds compared to the too fast competition is fine, as long as the lithium is healthy after a year or two. I think there were tradeoffs with this phone and hopefully the more efficient and powerful Snapdragon 8 can help make this thing perfect next round.
launch XPERIA 1 IV with DEDICATED SD CARD SLOT & 2 sim card slots PLEASE :)V
Facebook pre installed,not get my pennies now
nigel farage is based
Sony will always be the underrated champion.
Give me the wqllpaper link
11:28 is that Hurkacz playing?
Great review, subscribed!
At that price, this phone need to be as good as Samsung or Iphone. It’s not the case, that’s why those Xperia sales are low. 😕
I've got the MK2 but my Dad has the MK3. I've just had the update to Android 12 and it's awesome. Definitely the best update I have had with a Sony. It's like I have a new phone. Great review man x
jesus the amount of people who didn't wear masks at wimbledon in 2021 is laughable i'll buy this phone if i find a second hand version at about half price...
I am leaning towards the MK iii. It is a 2021 phone with the Snapdragon 888 chip. it is now 2022 and Snapdragon 8 Gen1 is in most new flagship phones. The difference between the chips shouldn't stop me buying the MK iii , or should it? in the ideal world, I would wait for the MK iv.
Hey Chris. I need your advice on which one to go for - Oneplus 9pro or this Sony. On paper, Sony looks better, but if the software is as laggy as they say, then it can be a problem. What you reckon?
i really like the tennis court shot!
I have a Google pixel 5 and its infuriating to type on I have changed keyboards yet it still is adding words were it doesn't need to or typing stuff I have not typed even after turning things off. Can someone recommend a better phone for typing on
The reason why I love sony phones : it captures natural image.. not to bright.. not to dark.. not super saturated...just right.
There are missing the buttons for microphone and camera control in Android 12. It is shame for such expensive phone. Especially when this concerns the security of the client
Would you know if I connect this to a 4k gaming monitor via hdmi to usbc or DP to usbc? Will I get to experience 120 fps gameplay on call of duty mobile? Awesome review by the way.
Circa £600 now uk. Worth a punt or wait for the s21ultra to drop further? Also, coming from a capable lg40 dac headphone wizardry... Is the sony equally as imoressive? Any thoughts out there? Thx
"Xperia impressed me in the dark" - tech sprut
Enjoy your videos but fk me you can't leave Nigel alone can you
I have a real soft spot for Sony. I hope they stay in the phone market
I like this phone But it's so expensive that it costs 1/3 of the price of a brand new ps5🤣🤣🤣
Lmao when you took a photo and said what’s up Brandon .. scared me for a second .. names Brandon
I really want a Sony phone, but they don't sell them through carriers (meaning no discounts and no free financing), plus they don't do deals like Samsung does (buy one, get one free or half off). As much as I want a Sony phone, I'm not willing to forego a good deal just to get one. They are really good phones, just not marketed or competitively priced (i.e. deals). Edit: I'd argue most people in the U.S. buy phones through carriers and Sony doesn't sell their phones through carriers. It's a huge mistake as people like myself who want a Sony phone just don't buy them. Do not underestimate the power of free financing through a wireless carrier.
wow! some company out there doesnt care about the "trends"
I wish Asus rog phones would switch to a QD Oled display 144hz 1ms 1440p with 1T of storage and 24gigs of ram
Now if it just had n260 and n261 5G channels, so it will actually work with all of the networks.
You know... my girlfriend has an iPhone 13 pro and I have an $80 Samsung, and we put on videos at our highest quality settings, and couldn't really see a difference. Is worrying about screen resolution frivolous in this day and age of phone technology?
Just ordered the predecessor, 1 vi, yesterday. It has every feature I want in a phone! high + expandable storage, headphone jack, 5000mah. and aesthetically it's MATTE AND BLOCKY - I LOVE IT!
I am sony lover 😁😊💗
Sux that there is no wireless charging in the xperia 5 III. It has such a better size (for me) than this extra tall boy.
So where is the best place to buy this phone in Canada?
With this phone's expandable storage, it makes it one of the best options for someone who wants to have a ton of FLAC audio files on their phone and to plug in a high quality headset directly into the audio jack. It's one of the best compact, high quality audio experiences you can get.
I want one 😍
The display sucks, I do know how Oled looks, extremely unpleasant for the eyes, no advantages in blacks. The biggest reason I don't like it actually.
Sony should get a prize for "the manufacturer with the worst naming schemes". And I'm saying it after listening to this YouTube with my Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds.
Would be really cool if you could go more in depth on such devices beyond the scope of a simple unboxing. Like how is it to use for one month, two, and six as a daily driver?
Watching this on my own Xperia 1 III after about 5 months of using it. The battery...
physical buttons when
I've been using the S21 Ultra for the past couple of months, upgrading from my old Note 10 Plus. When I got the Note, I instantly missed the headphone jack I had on the S10 Plus (that phone had things I didn't like and I wanted to try out the S pen). So now with the Ultra, I miss the jack, I miss the memory card slot, they market it as an Ultra phone but they get rid of the features that would make it ultra. I've come across a deal where I could get the Xperia 1 III for a really good price and seeing the reviews I'm probably going to go for it. Great looking phone, comfortable to hold, doesn't cut any corners, hell they're not even afraid to still leave a little bezel so there's no stupid notch or hole punch and have a proper stereo speaker? Who does that today except Sony?

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