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Buy ZTE Cymbal 4G LTE speed "Verizon Prepaid" Cell Phone online at Amazon. Display Size: -Memory: 4 GB, Color: Silver, Brand: Verizon Prepaid
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ZTE Cymbal 4G LTE speed "Verizon Prepaid" Cell Phone Features

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor
  • Two screens with interior color display
  • 2.0MP camera
  • 4GB internal memory plus microSD slot
  • Bluetooth-enabled
Display Size: -Memory: 4 GB, Color: Silver, Brand: Verizon Prepaid
The lowest ZTE Cymbal 4G LTE speed "Verizon Prepaid" Cell Phone Price in USA is $70.00 at Amazon.
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ZTE Cymbal 4G LTE speed "Verizon Prepaid" Cell Phone Reviews from YouTube

REVIEW: ZTE Cymbal T - Android Flip Phone Smartphone?!
Quick unboxing and review of the ZTE Cymbal 2 - Sleeper MIFI Device!
Verizon Wireless ZTE Flip Phone Review
Why I'm downgrading to a flip phone.
It is not ringing!!
4G or 3G
I want this can you get it on Canada?? I know the alcatel go flip is here or what ever Telus has of it I think. I'm liking this phone though.
This is way much better than those KaiOS craps.
Brilliant that's awesome I love you
SO ...I can run my PAYPAL app, and credit card swiper on this?? (don't understand the other jibberish)
it has a removable battery does it have full access to the SD card (install to card, read write my own files, removable card)? removable sim card?
Thank u but wahy not from amerca direct whay we born this sistam
Sorry imean zte
Wehave like this chap but not zit maby chinees we are geting confuse ooooh may god
hotspot it free unlimited internet.
Does the sound recorder record in amr or wave format? What options or features are available during a call?
i have the acatel go flip 3 to help limit my time on my original smart phone and its awesome to use in public, some people look at you weird some ask questions im glad i changed to a basic style phone. plus im saving 50$ a month on my bill
WhatsApp on this phone ,voice and video calls,anyone?
No one says anything about this phone butt dialing ??? I have one < And even in my front pocket , When you sit down your pants are tight and it puts pressure on the phone and it will butt dial every time !!!
Where can you get this phone
yaa 200 $ no thanks im in canada thats like 400 phone lols. i have a zte cymbal 2 its sucks reall bad but you know what at least its not a smart phone that sucks reall bad cus a flip phone is all ready dumb to begin with
My screen is black and I have tried to get it to turn on but am having no luck. Help please.
Zte cymbal flip-phone need to expand the memory 64 GB of memory.
My phone will not turn on 😡
Is there a way and if so how to cancel the ringtone for a vibration notice only. For use while hunting !
How's it holding up after 2 years may I ask? I ended up getting a smartphone but now I'm having some problems with it and I'm thinking of downgrading. What good is a phone that doesn't make phone calls?
I cannot see what you clicking I cannot learn if I do not know were to click LOL Please
Hi, I have a question. I just received my ZTE Cymbal 2 phone today. What I want/need to know is this: when entering a contact name (unfortunately I can't import from my old Alcatel flip phone), how do I switch from lower case to upper case. It is driving me crazy. I am typing in the first name and the first letter is in upper case, and then when I want to type in the last name, it starts with a lower case. I only use the phone for talking and texting. No data, no email, nothing fancy. Everybody wants me to get a Smart phone, except me. So, I am determined to use this one. Can you help, please???
Does it support WhatsApp ?
Can someone please tell me how to get music on this phone? I bought it for my child and they freaked out because they couldn’t figure out how to download music. I tried to do it but I didn’t know how either. If anyone could tell me, that would be great, thanks :)
When I select Contacts the Create New Contact does not show on display so where do I find it. It shows the recent Contact. Thx
How can you change from letters to numbers? The instructions do not to tell you.
Can you rearrange the app icons & is there adequate group messaging?
Fucking talk to much fuckoff
Yeah, I've got a question. I just purchased the Cymbal 2 and cannot for the life of me figure out how to transfer my contacts from my Samsung A5 (piece of shit) to the ZTE. Any words of advise>. BTW, although I'm 70 does not mean I don't know what I'm doing. Been using various cell phones since the Motorola flip phones came out in the 90's and I am a retired IT Tech. I have never run across this problem with all the others I've had and used.
That’s like a phone from 15 years ago… it’s free here along with a phone plan
Can you do an update video where you show what you have figured out and most importantly about the batter life. Thanks for this video.
User Guide: http://ztecanadatemp.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Cymbal2_UserGuide.pdf
Side loading apps through adb will work. Locking the system from installing apks directly is a common thing with Android based feature phones. Many apps, such as Discord, won't work without touch or mouse input though.
does this have a backlit keypad?
Can we synchronize google contacts to it? Or we have to manual type in
I am going to buy this and leave on wifi hotspot indefinitely at my grandma's so she gets the wifi to her tablet so we can video call. How long does it last on battery? I could leave it plugged in all the time I guess, but if it would last multiple days I can always charge it periodically.
Great video. Thank you. I am getting this phone in a few days just to take a break from the whole social media thing
So yeah, let me do that!
I have one and it is ok for what I need it for. I may need it one day to call someone to say...Hi, my car and I just fell into a ditch in the woods...and now a bear is breathing down my neck. Is there a possibility I could get a little help here...please? The only thing I don't like about this phone is, that I can't turn off that loud keypad sound when I am putting in a phone number. HOW DO I TURN OFF THAT KEYPAD SOUND?
Okay you're funny for sure
We need an update on this 👍💯
NICE flip phone
Fucking love it bro 😂
Can you pleaseeee help me activate mine? I own a smart phone so I'm usually pretty good with electronics but it dont seem to activate
I have a go flip 3 an send a decent amount of texts it's easy once u get a hand on it
My name jeff
Can you tell me how to retrieve deleted photos from this model?
I’m calling it now. flip phones are making a come back
How do you remove the sim card?
Works as a great mp3 and mp4 player. Also the thing has a better camera than my tablet so I call that a win
Cute review :). I have one, It does all I need it to do, makes calls, and my laptop does the rest.
I used this phone in middle school, I was so fast at typing, that was 2 years ago, I used it for 3 years, and now I finally got a smartphone and I’m looking back at it now and it was amazing and it’s a legend to me
Funny but odd video.
Haha y'all wild
Thesse are as low as 20 bucks new and arent supposed to "pack alot of features" since they are a basic minimalist phone. Basic uses only. I have an Alcatel My Flip with tracfone i love but the front screen broke and im considering replacing it with this. Tracfone has this exact phone also. I stay off the grid so these old school phones are great.
2 to 3 hours 😏 i wish!
seriously… I’m 1 fragile and unreliably finicky smart phone inconvenience, glitch, lag, or mistake away from doin away w smart phones, all together, and goin back to a simple, less distracting, less expensive, less time consuming, more reliable, longer lasting and more durably made land line.
Guy from the future goes into the past: "Everyone has phones without cords or buttons, and they have essentially enslaved us." Guy from the past: ".......Are you rubber boots serious?" I'm considering getting a flip phone simply because I Hate Androids for the same reasons. I feel like a slave and tool scrolling on youtube, I don't use Facebook or any other social media. It's just this darn thing comes with a few upsides. I have a good camera I can use in a second to get great photos of my son anywhere, otherwise I have to lug around something. Some are still small. Might take that option, and Bluetooth on youtube while working if I want to learn something or listen to comedy. Not sure if flip phones can accommodate that. If they can. I might seriously switch over. Me and some buddies recently learnt something to. Going to a library, and learning something from a book again, is amazing. It's so odd. People will crave what is taken away once it is unappreciated. Odd world.
I use a flip phone and a smartwatch the flip phone gives me the hotspot the smartwatch keeps me up with important emails then once I have enough time I will get to it when I go home on a computer
I would love to downgrade to a flip phone so that I don't spend so much time scrolling through media and such. However, I would still like this flip phone to be reliable for receiving texts and calls. Do you guys have any recommendations for they type of flip phone I should get?
I’d downgrade too if I didn’t draw on my phone with my finger to make art (I refuse to use a tablet and styluses hurt my carpal tunnel).
Probably mostly women that HAVE to have the "latest thing" crap that these companies market to. I'm a woman that doesn't think like that and there are a few of us out here..but the women I've met mostly DO have that mindset. Have to have the latest thing for themselves and their kids. Sad.
Deleting Facebook, Instagram and installing older version of YouTube helps me alot
My wife has a smart phone I have a flip phone I would not change it for the world. Its a portable phone isnt that amazing I can call anyone from anywhere with this little device that fits in a small case on my belt .I can take picture movies play videos and music too if I want to .Thanks for your video like it
Smart phones make people dumb.
Last Monday I deleted Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, everything other than WhatsApp. Got rid of 2 email addresses and only checking them on my laptop in the morning/evening. Ive started journaling and sketching daily to vent and express myself, I've also gone back to printing photos off rather than having 1000s on my phone and uploading them to the cloud. Next step is to slowly windle down the number of apps on my phone, this has been the toughest part.
Your right, it's all for consuming more and binding people's mind to a device also for brainwashing.
Plandemic to enslave all more and make much more dictatorship.
All they're doing is creating a fuck ton of pollution and waste. Every week they're coming out with new crap which is just going straight into the landfills, oceans and waterways. I think if people just stopped using the internet there will be no need for devices therefore less pollution , brain damage and waste generated.
What I did was get a flip phone for use as a phone and text…. A lot cheaper plan per month. Then I just use my old iPhone to listen to music or use internet when I am around WiFi which is everywhere these days…. So yes… you want to save money that is the way to go.
You right I just closed FB and Instagram and feel much better relax no pressure , now I wanna change my cell for a flip phone👍👍
When you asked a guy is it possible to downgrade to flip phone, that was a clear sign how dumb people have become. Smarter phones, dumber people.
Techno - Saturation.
Too Extreme. Just don't download the social media aps.

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