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Buy ZTE Speed Black (Boost Mobile) online at Amazon. Display Size: 4.5 inches, Memory: 8 GB, Color: black, Brand: ZTE
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  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box
Display Size: 4.5 inches, Memory: 8 GB, Color: black, Brand: ZTE
The lowest ZTE Speed Black (Boost Mobile) Price in USA is $69.00 at Amazon.
Buy ZTE Speed Black (Boost Mobile) online at Amazon.
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ZTE Speed Black (Boost Mobile) Reviews from YouTube

ZTE Speed Black (Boost Mobile) Review & features.. pros and cons ( Quick & fast video )
ZTE Speed Black (Boost Mobile)
ZTE Speed N9130 Final Review (Boost Mobile)
ZTE SPEED Introduction Review(Boost Mobile)
Would it be possible to run GeekBench5 on the this ZTE Speed N9130? I used to have one, and it feels like that old budget phone (quad-core, 1GB) from 2014 runs laps around my current 2018 Moto e5 (103/370). I saw someone post 457 / 1339 but I don't believe that could be Geekbench5.
I d.nt known price
I NeeD rom for zten9130
Please flash rom for n9130
Please rom for N9130
Lol I am watching with that fhone
I have like 7 blank homesceens and I can't add anymore and I don't have an option to do anything else
so I added as much home screens but I can't delete them I tried to hold a homescreen to give me options but won't let me do anything thank you so much
hey thanks for the response and yeah I tried everything I pinched it and it had just the plus sign to add homescreens
how can i delete blank home screens ?? please help
how many GB did it come with when you got it for the first time?
My phone keeps popping up adds when I go into any app, what do I do for that? (If anyone knows...)
My ZTE Speed n9130 can't be rooted, can't transfer to a separate SD card, which I can't understand. Why have a spot to slide a card and not be able to use it. so storage is limited. It auto shuts down and reboots for unknown reasons. It will do it randomly one to six times a day. Some days it won't. Had a problem with WiFi constantly coming on by itself with an Xfinity add. Downloaded an app to shut WiFi off if not used for one minute. Problem gone. I tried apps to root it, and transfer to SD card, but all apps failed. All the apps that come with the phone takes up to much space but you can't remove them. It keeps running short on space. And too many apps pop on automatically. No way to stop them but get an app to do it. The good thing is Boost is the only one I know offering unlimited speed data. they all offer unlimited data, but speed data is what you need to watch videos, movies, etc. without all the buffering. $60 a month, unlimited texting, data, and speed data. Can't beat that. So in leu of the problems I'll stick with this til a better deal pops up.
How do you move apps to sd card??
How do you answer a incoming call?
these phones suck. never get one. you can't do anything. if you do end up getting one, throw it away. these are literally $20. this is the cheapest, stupidest, and most activating phone I have ever heard of.
can this phone be flashed and used on any other networks??. cause I bought this phone and boost does not get service anywhere I live
is gsm or cdma phone ? i can unlock and use in a gsm carrier or not ?
my phone backlight light's up but no picture at all nothing is there any way i can take the battery out?
And My brightness is between the Sync and Airplane Mode and it still looks nice, well except if you're outside
My sister bought this for my 13th Birthday, however it was $104.99 from Boost Mobile, Brand New
I got it for 19.00
how can i delete a homescreen?? please help
SD Card capacity is 32GB Right?
this phone sucks. I bought it and of course the battery doesn't come out, so the screen froze and I had to let it die amd charge it again . ever since then the backlight on the phone was so dark you couldn't see anything before the screen finally went out
How much you pay total for the zte speed at bestbuy and they activate it there or you went the the boostmobile store
I got this phone but I am replacing it with my new LG G Stylo cuz the ZTE Speed SUCKS!!
Test the HTC Desire 626
Test the HTC Desire 626
Test the HTC Desire 626
nice video that was my phone now its cracked
How do you stop the background from scrolling and just keeping a still picture?
Is there a way to get rid of the quick keys that appear on the very first start up page after you press the start button just below the words, 'Long press screen to unlock'?
How do you root this Piece of Shit!
how do I attach a video to messages? says cannot attach
i had the Realm from Boost it was 100x's better really pissed about my videos being just gone...my sons first school play is gone
i have recorded 2 videos and neither have saved i press stop video disappears....im pissed my sons play and my daughters B-Day GONE!!!!
How did save your video that u record and view it later

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